Driving Toward A Cleaner Future

Ruan has always believed we are more than a transportation company; we are a part of the communities we serve. That's why we view sustainability as more than good business—it's a moral imperative. We are always determined to make our trucks cleaner and more efficient.

Ruan is an official partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership, a collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. For the last three years, Ruan has been honored with a SmartWay Excellence Award from the EPA as an industry leader in freight supply chain energy efficiency.

We continually strive to design supply chain solutions for our customers that emphasize and take advantage of environmental efficiencies. Fuel efficiency saves on transportation costs; energy conservation reduces utility costs. Lightweight materials increase efficiency. We are proud to pass all of these savings onto our customers. 

Here are a few additional ways we add value to our clients' supply chains through environmental initiatives.

Engine technology and design

Ruan continually works with engine manufacturers to develop longer-lasting, lower-emitting engines with improved performance and lower fuel consumption.

Alternative fuels

Ruan uses sustainable fuels in some of our operations, including biodiesel and natural gas. Ruan's alternative fuels strategic committee—including team members from senior leadership, sales, marketing, assets, maintenance, IT and fuel—stays abreast of alternative fuels developments and continually looks for ways to implement sustainable fueling options into our fleet. 

White Paper: Natural Gas in the Transportation Industry

This white paper is designed to educate readers on natural gas options in the United States and outline the benefits and challenges of operating a heavy-duty fleet with this sustainable fuel. In addition, we highlight Ruan's approach to using natural gas. 

Lightweight and aerodynamic equipment

The base tractor specification we use matches the EPA's recommended tractor for best fuel consumption.

Driver training

Because drivers have the largest impact on vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, Ruan places tremendous emphasis on driver training in our Megasafe Safe Driving Program. Drivers also utilize auxiliary power units to eliminate engine idle time, therefore reducing diesel use.

Reduced highway speeds

At increased highway speeds, roughly 60 percent of consumed fuel is used to overcome air resistance. Ruan has a company-wide policy of governing all tractors at 62 miles per hour.

Solvents and materials

Whenever possible in our maintenance operations, Ruan utilizes low environmental impact solvents and cleaners, and we properly dispose of or recycle all used materials.

Paperless technology

Ruan has made a concerted effort to develop and implement paperless technologies across operations, which has allowed us to reduce our reliance on paper and increase our efficiency and productivity.


Environmental Brochure
Driving toward a cleaner future.