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Vice President of Safety

Ruan Corporate Headquarters
3200 Ruan Center
666 Grand Ave,
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

phone: (866) 782-6669

Lisa Gonnerman

Lisa Gonnerman has more than 21 years of safety and safety management experience and currently serves as the vice president of safety for Ruan Transportation Management Systems. Lisa received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Transportation Logistics from Iowa State University.

Articles By Lisa Gonnerman

Prepare for the Annual Roadcheck Inspection Spree Set for June 6-8


This year's roadcheck will focus on proper cargo securement, along with the traditional Level 1 inspections.

Megasafe7 Rule 5: Execute Safe Lane Maneuvers


When changing lanes, be sure to follow the Signal, Observe and Smooth (S.O.S.) procedure.

Five Safe Driving Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which serves as a national initiative to encourage motorcyclists and the rest of the motoring public to safely share the road.

Megasafe7 Rule 4: Use Your Mirrors


Mirrors are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Not knowing where objects are can-and often does-result in disaster.

Ruan Introduces Megasafe Family Safe Driving Program


Our goal with Megasafe Family is to spread awareness for safe, defensive driving techniques in hopes that all family members in personal vehicles and semis return home safely every day.

Megasafe7 Rule 3: Maintain Proper Following Distance


By maintaining a proper following distance, you will limit dangerous and risky driving situations that lead to rear-end accidents.

Megasafe7 Rule 2: Expand Your View


The number one way to ensure you're driving safely is to use your eyes and follow Megasafe7 Rule 2: Expand Your View.

Megasafe7 Rule 1: Prepare to Drive


Megasafe7 Rule 1: Prepare to Drive is a critical component to ensuring your safety-and the safety of those with whom you share the road.

Five Safety Resolutions to Make in 2017


Ruan's number one Guiding Principle is Safety Focus. Commit to putting safety first every day in 2017 with these resolutions.

CSVA's 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week: October 16-22


CVSA's Operation Safe Driver program was created to help reduce the number of crashes, deaths and injuries involving large trucks, buses and cars due to unsafe driving behaviors.

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Ruan Corporate Headquarters

3200 Ruan Center

666 Grand Ave,

Des Moines, Iowa 50309

(866) 782-6669

Ruan Corporate Headquarters