Driving Healthy for Life

The health of our professional drivers is paramount to Ruan. For you to do your job safely and efficiently, you must be well, healthy and alert. Your safety-and the safety of the motoring public-depends on it. Long hours sitting in a cab, minimal physical activity and a wide array of unhealthy food options along America's highway system do not equate to healthy lifestyle. As a result, professional truck drivers are often overweight, sedentary and suffer from conditions like sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Department of Transportation dictates a set of health criteria that all truck drivers must meet to earn and keep their commercial drivers licenses. Annual DOT physicals by certified medical examiners assess a set of health issues that determine if drivers are capable of performing the demanding duties of professional truck driving.

However, these DOT physicals are not comprehensive like annual preventative exams. Ruan's Benefits by Choice plans offer free preventive exams for employees and their dependents. Everyone should have a preventive annual exam-in addition to a DOT physical.

Driver Health Statistics

  • 85 percent of truck drivers are overweight
  • 92 percent of male truck drivers are inactive and do not exercise regularly
  • 67 percent of long-haul drivers smoke
  • 66 percent of drivers have high blood pressure