Dear ICC Professional Driver,

The announcement of  Kl√∂ckner Pentaplast's plan to transition transportation services to Ruan will raise many questions from you and your colleagues. This website is intended to help answer those questions and provide you with information about where to go if you don't find an answer here.

KP has a long history of providing the highest level of customer service. You will find that same culture of service at Ruan. Our team is made up of more than 4,400 professional, dedicated, and safe drivers. We are driven by our Guiding Principles of People First, Safety Focus, Customer Satisfaction, Exceptional Performance, and Continuous Improvement. We pride ourselves on having a great brand in our industry, and as a result, we believe we have the best customer relationships in our industry. Importantly, to enhance our brand and to continue to grow with great customers like KP, we know fully that we need the best people on our team. That's where you come in. We need you! We are excited about the opportunities and potential that each of you bring to Ruan. We hope that you will join us.

Our emerging partnership was founded on a set of requirements laid out by KP leaders when they began the search for a professional transportation and logistics provider. Those priorities included:

  • Dedicated fleet operations

  • Upgrading transportation management systems and ensuring real-time tracking

  • Efficiencies and cost savings 

  • Ensuring employees have a future-state employer

  • Creating a fair pay package for employees

  • Modernizing equipment

  • Focus on performance management and continuous improvement

I'm pleased to say that Ruan has met these objectives. We're confident you'll be pleased with our pay package we have designed for the ICC drivers, as well as the flexibility of our comprehensive benefits package. We know that equipment is important to you and hope you will enjoy driving new trucks with creature comforts designed for the work you do. These new trucks are equipped with the latest safety technologies intended to protect you and keep you safe. 

At Ruan, our business centers on and revolves around you-the professional driver. Because our core business is transportation, our key role is the professional driver. There is nothing more important to us than what you do-fulfilling our customer's transportation needs safely and efficiently. We sincerely hope that all ICC drivers meet our driver hiring qualifications. We will help you work through the application process and keep you informed through the qualifying process. 

Change is not easy. There will be bumps in the road as KP's transportation and logistics work is transitioned to Ruan. We will deal with those bumps in a straight forward and honest way. Whatever comes our way, we can overcome. In fact, we will look to each of you to help us smooth the transition. 

We look forward to working with you through this transition period. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions along the way. We will do our best to provide answers.


Dan Van Alstine

President and Chief Operating Officer

Ruan Transportation Management Systems