ICC to Ruan Transition

This list of questions and answers is intended to address some frequently asked questions. If you do not find your question here or if your question is not fully answered, please feel free to use one of the communication channels provided in the Ruan Resource Guide

1. Will I definitely be hired by Ruan?

Ruan wants to hire all ICC drivers who meet our qualifications. All drivers are invited to apply for employment with Ruan. Those who meet Ruan's driver hiring qualifications will be offered employment with Ruan. Click here for information outlining Ruan's driver hiring qualifications.

2. When will I transition to Ruan?

Drivers will transition to Ruan on February 3, 2019. You will be informed of your transition status at the earliest possible opportunity. Once you receive an employee ID number, you can enroll in Ruan benefits.

3. Will my pay be the same?

Although it may look slightly different, our intent is to offer equivalent compensation.  

4. How often will I be paid?

Your pay week will be Sunday through Saturday, and you will be paid the following Friday for that week. Ruan reserves the right to adjust this schedule as necessary to provide accurate and timely pay. 

5. Will my benefits be the same as I have at ICC?

Benefits will not be the same. Ruan offers attractive benefits that are highly competitive in the transportation industry. A summary of these benefits is provided here.

6. Will Ruan recognize my service with ICC?

If you are hired, Ruan will recognize your years of service while working with ICC and combine it with your future Ruan service for Ruan benefit purposes. Your years of service with ICC will count toward Ruan vacation benefits, and it will satisfy the 60-day waiting period for medical benefits. If you have at least 60 days of service with ICC, you will not wait for medical benefit coverage with Ruan. Previous service does not apply to the 401(k) plan.

7. How will my vacation eligibility transition from ICC to Ruan? 

Your years of service with ICC will count toward your Ruan vacation benefits.

Upon your transition to Ruan, you will begin to earn vacation with Ruan according to Ruan's adjusted vacation schedule using your combined years of service with ICC. Ruan's adjusted vacation schedule is as follows:

Years of Service Annual Vacation Accrual
  • Less than one year 80 hours prorated

  • Two - five years  80 hours

  • Six - 14 years 120 hours

  • 15+ years 160 hours

8. Will I have holidays and personal days at Ruan?

Ruan provides eight paid holidays per year. Ruan does not provide personal days but does provide paid time off per the Ruan vacation plan and defined holidays. 

9. Will my job change at Ruan?

Initially your job will be the same as what you did the day before you transitioned to Ruan. Over time, as we better understand KP's service requirements, we will make incremental improvements. All of Ruan's customers expect this.

10. Will I be dispatched the same way I was with ICC?

As Ruan begins to understand KP's requirements, there will probably be some changes to dispatching. Our goal will be to operate the most efficient system we can while meeting or exceeding KP's expectations. Your work assignments and direction will come from local Ruan management.

11. Will I have the same route(s)?

In most cases, ICC drivers transitioning to Ruan will continue to drive their normal routes, delivering to their same KP customers. As we go forward, of course, we will continuously be looking for ways to improve our operations and serve both KP and its customers better. These future changes may impact traditional routes. 

12. Will I drive any new routes?

It is possible that you will be assigned to new or additional routes.

13. Who will be my manager?

Much like drivers, we are assessing all ICC employees. Our goal is to retain as many team members as possible to efficiently support the KP business.

14. Does Ruan use electronic load and log information?

Yes. Ruan will install and train all drivers on the use of electronic load and log systems.

15. At what maximum speed does Ruan run its trucks?

Ruan runs its trucks no faster than 65 mph. 

16. What if I choose not to accept the Ruan job offer?

You have no obligation to accept a conditional job offer from Ruan. We hope you join our team but understand if you decide otherwise.