Ruan is very pleased to extend to you an invitation to apply with the Ruan team as a professional truck driver!

All of the following conditions must be met for a conditional job offer to be made:

  1. An employment application must be completed by December 15, 2018. The application is available here.

  2. A review of your application must confirm that you meet all Ruan minimum qualifications for the position of truck driver as detailed here.

  3. If you satisfy all driver qualifications, you may receive a conditional job offer of employment. Drivers who receive conditional offers will need to pass a road test, drug test, and pre-employment medical examination.

We truly hope that you will make the decision to apply. When you are qualified, we hope that you will join the Ruan team and continue serving KP and its customers. 


Lucas Wolfe

Vice President of Operations

Ruan Transportation Management Systems