Manufacturing Transportation Capabilities

Whether executing just-in-time inbound shipments of manufacturing raw materials, interplant movements, multi-stop deliveries to distributor networks, or anything in between, Ruan has the expertise and resources to get it done right. Ruan serves the shipping, transportation, and logistics needs of many manufacturers, including building materials, machinery, automotive, consumer products, HVAC and controls, plastic and fiber, electrical, industrial supplies, furniture, and small appliances.

Ruan works with our partners in the manufacturing industry to address your supply chain and logistics challenges and engineer new solutions. We help manage your needs and look to Ruan's team of experts to get it done right.

Ruan's Integrated Supply Chain Solutions offers it all, including Dedicated Contract TransportationManaged Transportation, and value-adjusted warehousing. We combine the flexibility of our non-asset and asset-based capabilities with optimal technology, and superior service focused on continuous improvement, cost savings, and supply chain efficiency. The Ruan team partners with manufacturing customers to evaluate, optimize, and deliver a one-source, integrated supply chain solution.

Why should you consider Ruan as your manufacturing supply-chain partner? 


Ruan's professional supply chain team manages more than $1.35 billion in annual transportation spending. We are an asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) founded in 1932. Our solution engineering team and skilled operators leverage our technology and proven processes to streamline your network, adding value and reducing cost. Ruan knows transportation management is crucial to manufacturing companies. 


We execute an analysis that delivers a customized strategy for the optimal service and cost solution based on your requirements and goals. We recommend the best combination of your current providers, our vetted network of partners, and Ruan's assets. 


Optimizing manufacturing transportation is a high-stakes business. Ruan's experts configure our powerful integrated supply chain technology suite to accommodate your business rules, provide the most efficient planning, and ensure that reporting provides actionable metrics for ongoing improvement. 

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FMCSA Proposes Hours-of-Service Changes

Since new hours-of-service (HOS) regulations were introduced by the Department of Transportation in 2013, the transportation industry has argued the need for flexibility in the rules.

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Experts Drive Industry Leading Technology Package

Knowing how to quickly set-up and configure supply chain technology so the solutions work for individual customers is the key to getting the most flexible and powerful performance from industry-leading technology.

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Following Our Guiding Principles During Covid-19

Consistent with our People First and Safety Focus Guiding Principles, Ruan’s Business Continuity Task Force and senior leaders have been actively monitoring the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) situation.

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Leveraging System Design and Engineering Optimization

Supply Chain 4.0 is an integrative approach to operational digitization, where existing and emerging technology applications are leveraged to transform the supply chain ecosystem.

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Choosing the Right 3PL and Supporting Supply Chain Excellence

Choosing the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider can make or break your goal of achieving supply chain excellence and have a significant impact on your company's brand.

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How Can A Third-Party Logistics Provider Save Me Money?

Every supply chain deserves a thorough analysis by a team of experts whose daily goal is supply chain excellence.

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Do you want to trim transportation costs? Get a free supply chain analysis from Ruan!

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