Attention Drivers: Deadline Approaches for Medical Card/CDL Merger

Jan 8, 2014 By:

A very important deadline is just around the corner for all commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders. By January 30, 2014, ALL CDL holders must supply information about the type of driving they do to their state driver licensing agency. CDL holders must also provide the latest medical examiner’s certificate (medical card) to the state driver licensing agency. The state will input the driver’s the data into his or her driving record, indicating he or she is medically certified to drive. Every time a new medical card is issued to a CDL holder, the driver is required to provide it to the state driver licensing agency.

Failure to complete these tasks before January 30, 2014, will mean serious consequences for CDL holders. Non-compliance will result in the driver losing CDL privileges. The driver’s license will be downgraded to a non-CDL class, and the driver will not be able to operate a commercial motor vehicle that requires a CDL until the full CDL privileges have been reestablished. In many cases, the process to reinstate the CDL privileges will be very time consuming and costly for the driver. 

Important items to remember:

  • Deadline is January 30, 2014

  • All CDL drivers need to self certify the type of driving they will be doing
  • Provide a copy of the current medical card to the DMV. Going forward, this will be something drivers will need to do every time they complete a new physical. It is very important that the DMV have the latest medical card on file or it will start canceling CDLs when the expiration date on the old medical card comes up 

  • Drivers must continue to carry their current medical cards

Please contact your terminal or safety manager if you have any questions.