Maximize Referral Pay through Ruan's Road 2 Referrals Program

Aug 26, 2015

Ruan’s Road 2 Referrals campaign still has another month to go! Driver referrals are our number one source for new hires at Ruan—and can be a great way for you to earn extra money. 

We asked Ruan driver Grant Nickerson, who has made multiple qualified referrals during the program, to share some tips to help others maximize referral pay.


“I have found that the best place to find referrals is right in your backyard—where you have lived for many years—or people you have worked closely with in the past. A truck stop also works to find drivers, but you are taking a risk by having to call the bad apples to get to the person who is looking to find a career and not just another job,” said Nickerson.  

When talking to drivers that you don’t know well, come prepared with reasons they should become a Ruan driver. 

“For finding qualified drivers that you don’t know already, my tip is to get to know them by asking lots of questions,” Nickerson said. “I have had an awesome experience with Ruan, so I also talk the company up to them. Persistence paid off.”   

Nickerson also advises checking Ruan's website or reaching out to your terminal management to keep up to date on current opportunities. He also stays in touch with drivers throughout the application process to ensure they are successful.

 “When a driver is ready to sign on, I tell them where to go on the website,” Nickerson said. “I open myself up for any questions they might have by giving them my phone number.”

For more information on the Road 2 Referrals program, talk to your terminal manager.