May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: Share the Road

May 2, 2016

During May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would like to remind all motorists to safely share the road with motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are also reminded to make sure they are visible to other motorists.

According to the NHSTA, a total of 4,586 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2014—14 percent of total highway fatalities.

To safely share the road and reduce the amount of fatalities, motorists should utilize these tips from the NHTSA:

  • Use a following distance of at least three or four seconds when following a motorcycle—giving motorcyclists more time to stop, maneuver and avoid hazards
  • Motorcycle turn signs may not be self-canceling, so wait to be sure the driver is turning before proceeding
  • Share the road with motorcyclists, but do not share lanes, as motorcyclists need a full lane width
  • Use extra caution when approaching an intersection as your view may be obstructed—making motorcyclists and pedestrians more difficult to see
  • Always use your signal when changing lanes or merging into traffic

The NHTSA also offered recommendations for motorcyclists to ensure they are safe and more visible to other motorists:

  • Wear a DOT-compliant helmet and other protective gear
  • Use hand and turn signals at every lane change or turn
  • Wear brightly colored clothes and reflective tape
  • Ride in the middle of the lane 

For more advice on driving safely, review Ruan’s Megasafe7 Rules of Safe Driving.

Share the road with motorcycles