Ruan Interns Gain Invaluable Experience in the Transportation Industry

Aug 7, 2016

Each summer, Ruan hosts a talented, diverse group of undergraduate students in our 10-week internship program. These interns gain exposure and experience to prepare them for careers in transportation management, logistics, safety and general business management. The program concludes with each intern giving a presentation of their main project to Ruan’s executive team in our corporate office, located in Des Moines, IA.

This year, we had nine interns who worked on such projects as safety training videos, fuel MPG analysis and improving employee satisfaction. Each intern regularly contributed to a blog regarding their projects and experiences. Below are some excerpts—thanks for the great summer!


“One of my favorite parts of the experience so far has been getting to ride along with drivers and get to know them. A big part of my employee retention project is interviewing drivers about what are the most important factors to them, so I've found that ride alongs are the easiest way to go about this. Aside from the interviews, it's also been a pleasure getting to hear these guys' stories.”

- Christian Sandlin, T205 in Bethlehem, PA 

          Christian Sandlin


 “I finally know enough to do some of the simpler dispatch and payroll functions on my own, so that has been fun to have some real responsibilities within the office. Yesterday I got to sit in on a new driver orientation and participate in the activities involved with that. It was good to see the care and detail with which Ruan treats its employees.”

- Stephen Moore, T134 in Neosho, MO



“I am very grateful for the opportunity that Ruan has provided me this summer to learn and experience what it is like working within the supply chain field. I can say without a doubt that I chose the right major, as every aspect of supply chain that I have worked with has been both equally exciting and engaging. I am looking forward to taking the knowledge and skills that I have gained throughout this internship back to school with me and eventually into the workforce.”


- Ben Elle, T550 in Otsego, MN