Ruan Launches New Blog

Jun 6, 2013 By:

Welcome to Ruan’s official company blog! Whether you’re a professional driver, a prospective customer, an industry partner or someone new to the transportation and logistics industry looking for more information, you've landed in the right place.  

 The Ruan blog is a resource to find the latest information on everything transportation related – getting products and goods from point A to point B and all the details and resources behind the scenes! This blog will serve as a place to discuss industry challenges and opportunities, regulations and safety and wellness tips. Please post comments below, but be sure to abide by our user policy. 

Our blog is also a great way to learn about Ruan and  our team members. We will be featuring interviews with team members, photos from internal events and updates on all the innovative initiatives the company is implementing. Along the way, we will make this blog interactive and touch on topics that interest our readers. So if you have topics you would like to learn more about, please let us know in the comments section below! 

Whether you’re just becoming familiar with the trucking industry or you’re a supply chain veteran, this blog is for you. So add our RSS fee, share our link with a colleague or bookmark this page. We double dog dare you! Enjoy the blog!