Ruan Leads Industry as a Sustainable Transportation Provider

Jul 18, 2016

Environmental stewardship has always been a top priority at Ruan. We take the responsibility of providing sustainable, clean supply chain solutions very seriously. Our processes are continuously evaluated and improved upon to become more efficient, while realizing cost savings for our valued customers.  

CNG Fueling StationSeveral of our customers, including Seneca Foods, Menards, Arctic Cat, Bobcat and Fair Oaks Farms, are serviced through compressed natural gas (CNG) fleets—reducing our carbon footprint. Ruan’s Fair Oaks operation travels 11 million miles and moves 122 million gallons of milk annually. This is one of the largest renewable CNG class 8 tractor dairy fleets in the nation and displaces 1.8 million gallons of diesel annually.

Fuel economy is improved across all of our operations by utilizing lightweight trucks and trailers, proven aerodynamic solutions, auto-inflation tire systems, onboard monitoring and auto-shift power units.

Ruan is also working toward a more sustainable future by participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Through this project, we will contribute to the Clean Cities annual study on diesel reduction. The study includes such factors as: alternative fuel usage, vehicle miles traveled reduction, modernization of fleets and idle reduction. We are also a part of the Carrier and Shipper Stakeholder leadership group and recently joined the National Clean Fleets Partnership (NCFP). 

Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner
We have received substantial industry recognition for our sustainability efforts. Ruan is named annually to Food Logistics’ Top Green Provider list, Inbound Logistics’ Green Supply Chain Partner list and the top 50 Greenest Fleets list by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. Ruan is an official SmartWay Partner and a three-time SmartWay Excellence Award recipient—one of a select few carriers—for commitment to helping lead the freight industry to a more sustainable future.

To learn more about how Ruan can provide you with sustainable supply chain solutions, check out our latest environmental brochure