Ruan Sees Positive Results From Video Safety Program

Feb 2, 2023

As the first transportation company to implement a formal safety program in the 1940s, Ruan’s number one initiative is to keep team members and the public safe. As such, we lean on the National Safety Council (NSC) and their research, specifically as it relates to the transportation and logistics industry. In an effort to combat preventable roadway accidents, the National Safety Council has identified three key safety initiatives:

  • Double down on what works through proven, evidence-based strategies,
  • Advance life-saving technology in vehicles and infrastructure, and
  • Prioritize safety by adopting a safe systems approach and creating a positive safety culture.

As part of our Megasafe Safety Program, Ruan deployed our Video Safety Program (VSP) in 2021 with Lytx’s innovative DriveCam inward- and outward-facing event recording devices in every Ruan owned and controlled vehicle.

Ruan’s operations managers use event footage to recognize and celebrate our truck drivers for positive performance, as well as to coach drivers on areas where they might be able to improve. Team members use this information to continuously improve their skills and behaviors over time, allowing Ruan to provide more reliable, safer service to our customers.

When comparing 2022 safety performance data to 2019 data—when traffic patterns were more comparable to 2022—Ruan’s DOT reportable crashes decreased by 21.5 percent and preventable DOT reportable crashes decreased by 36.4 percent.

“When Ruan made the decision to implement our Video Safety Program, we were confident that it would further strengthen our Megasafe culture and protect our drivers, our brand, our customers’ products, and the motoring public,” said Ruan Vice President of Safety Blake Grolmus. “Through our event footage, we can see first-hand the challenges that our drivers must navigate on the roadways, and because of that, we can share learnings, develop training, and provide coaching that helps us all improve. The results we’ve seen since the launch of our VSP are a direct reflection of the professionalism of our driving team, Ruan’s commitment to providing the safest workplace in our industry, and the power of continuous improvement.”

Ruan team members have adapted well to VSP, and many have experienced the benefits of the system. With DriveCam, a 12-second clip is triggered by certain events such as a potentially unsafe following distance or lane departure. These triggers are coachable moments and provide a learning experience for our drivers. Additionally, the video clips allow Ruan’s leaders to view the moments before an incident takes place to help identify the root cause.

Partnering with Ruan ensures your products are hauled by a company and drivers who invest in and prioritize safety. Contact Ruan today to learn more about our services and how our MegaSafe culture benefits both our company and yours!