Ruan team volunteers at local shelter

Aug 9, 2013 By:

Volunteering at Hawthorn Hill’s New Directions Shelter, a homeless shelter for women with children, was Ruan’s third Founder’s Days opportunity to give back to the community.  A team of six Ruan volunteers trimmed hedges, swept and raked leaves to give the kids a better yard to play in.

Julie Willemsen, a Ruan volunteer, said, “I think it’s a great mission to help women get back on their feet. It gives them and their children a safe place to stay so they can find a job and housing.”

Hawthorn Hill does more than house the homeless—it gives families access to the resources they need such as child care, employment help and assistance locating affordable housing.

Hawthorn Hill is always in need of donations and volunteers. For more information, visit

Check out this video highlighting the volunteering activity!