Staying Healthy On the Road

Nov 5, 2015


Staying healthy while on the road can be a challenge. Ruan driver Mark Felderman, who works out of T561 in Muscatine, IA, found the pounds creeping back on when he start driving over the road again and retired from coaching wrestling. So he changed his daily routine to include exercise and a healthy diet to get back on track. 

“When I get to my stops, I go for a three to five mile bike ride every day, depending on weather. I work out with dumbbells in the truck as well,” Felderman said. “You get stiff riding in the truck. Riding bike keeps you loose and helps you stretch. I also belong to Planet Fitness so on weekends I work out there every day. I’ve also found a few Planet Fitness locations that I can ride my bike to while on the road.” 

Felderman has a collapsible Dahon bike that he keeps folded up on the passenger side of his truck for convenience. Prior to receiving his bike, Felderman went on walks while at his stops. He recommends either form of exercise for drivers looking to stay in shape while on the road.

“As long as you exercise 20 minutes a day, it’s better than just sitting in your truck watching TV,” said Felderman.

In addition to staying active, Felderman also monitors what he eats and drinks. Through the use of a portable plug-in oven, he cooks fish, broccoli and other vegetables for his meals.  His biggest weight loss success has been from cutting out pop, truck stop food and fast food. 

 “I bring all my own food, which is a lot of fruits and vegetables. I only drink water and tea, about eight glasses a day. I totally cut out pop and I dropped five pounds in a week,” said Felderman.

By avoiding eating out and incorporating daily exercise, Felderman has lost 20 pounds so far, and said he feels much healthier overall. For more tips on eating healthy while on the road, check out this video!