Tuned-up Web site Drives Ruan into High Gear

Nov 13, 2008

Des Moines, IA - It doesn't have 18-wheels and a trailer, but it serves a job almost as important to Ruan Transport Corporation's clients, prospects and employees. The Ruan Web site, www.ruan.com re-launched today with new graphics, new content and a new attitude.


"As a company committed to forward-thinking technology, we understand how important Ruan's Web site is for our business," says Tara Meier, Director of Marketing with Ruan. "By keeping the site fresh and updated with our latest company information, visitors can better understand our rich heritage, services, values and commitment to safety."


The new Web site's amped-up graphics feature the Ruan fleet on roads in communities Ruan serves across the country - urban and rural. New sections of content were added to help the Web site function as a resource for Ruan clients with areas on leadership, safety, and environmental issues. More automated features in the revamped employment section make learning about and applying for jobs at Ruan easier than ever. 


Much of the existing information on the past Web site was re-organized to make it easier to navigate and locate through search engines. The site's meta tags were revised and more search engine optimization terms were used throughout to help the site appear higher in search lists.


"We're thrilled with the look and feel of the new Web site.  It really captures the direction in which we're taking the brand," says Meier "The site is a great way for us to showcase Ruan as an industry leader."