Auto leasing for any business

Whether it's for a single vehicle or an entire fleet, our commercial auto leasing customers can count on us to be a reliable local partner and a friendly face. We're committed to taking care of all the details, eliminating hassles and creating seamless transportation systems that translate into long-term relationships with our customers. Leasing makes great sense financially, and even more sense through Ruan.

Customized Solutions 

Our leasing plans fit your needs with flexibility and unique ideas rather than rigid guidelines.

Luxury Autos, SUVs and Vans 

You make the choice between all makes and models including luxury autos, SUVs, vans and even convertibles.


Ruan offers the most time-saving services available. We will negotiate, purchase, title, license, finance and even dispose of the vehicle.

Reduce Risk 

Eliminate the risk of obsolete equipment by ensuring a timely rotation of vehicles, including updated safety features.

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