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Dedicated Contract Transportation.
And Supply Chain Solutions.
And Bulk Transportation. And More.
That's Integrated Solutions — handled for you by Ruan.

How to Avoid Early Onset Fatigue this Winter Season

Nov 30, 2016 By:

One of the most dangerous aspects of winter driving is the early onset of fatigue thanks to fewer daylight hours. Prepare to safely fight fatigue with these suggestions!

The Power of and.

We move your business from point a to point b.

Our Integrated Solutions service provides our customers the best of both worlds, delivering asset-based services designed to guarantee load coverage and flexible, non-asset-based services to manage carriers, select modes, optimize the supply chain and warehouse products. And, it ensures our customers have exactly what they need—nothing more, nothing less.

We're a leader in Dedicated Contract Transportation and Supply Chain Solutions. Logistics Management and Cross Docking. Warehouse Management and Bulk Transportation. Carrier Management and Certified Brokerage Services. That's Integrated Solutions. That's the power of AND. 

The key components of our Integrated Solutions service offering include:

Ruan Integrated Solutions

Your cargo is your business. That makes it our business, too.

Ruan News

Transportation industry news, corporate news and announcements.

Ruan Raises More Than $169,000 for the United Way of Central Iowa

Nov 30, 2016

The corporate Ruan team collected donations of more than $169,000 during our 2016 United Way campaign.

Ruan Family Presents Awards to World Food Prize Laureates and Interns

Nov 7, 2016

During this year's Laureate award ceremony, held October 13 at the Iowa State Capitol, John Ruan III presented the 2016 World Food Prize award to Laureates Dr. Maria Andrade, Dr. Robert Mwanga, Dr. Jan Low and Dr. Hoarth Bouis.

Ruan's Lisa Gonnerman Honored as the National Safety Director of the Year

Oct 28, 2016

The American Trucking Associations' (ATA) Safety Management Council honored Ruan Vice President of Safety Lisa Gonnerman as the 2016 National Safety Director.

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