Becoming a Technician at Ruan - Part 5

Sep 2, 2020

Becoming a diesel mechanic or technician can be a highly rewarding career. It's not just another job or paycheck; a career at Ruan as a technician will set you up for a successful future. Here are some insights from one of our regional maintenance managers on becoming a diesel mechanic at Ruan. 

What does the future look like for a Ruan diesel technician/mechanic?

This is probably the most exciting time in terms of advancements in the transportation industry. Increased demand for efficiency is driving the development of large, class 8 electric powered trucks, telematics communications from most every component in trucks and trailers, and latest development of alternative power. Currently, the industry is using and developing diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), electricity, and hydrogen cell technology to optimize and improve every power unit vehicle.

As technology advances, I believe diesel technology will take a back seat to more efficient methods. As a result, we may see the industry refer to our diesel technicians and mechanics as something else. This field is advancing at a rapid rate and offers endless opportunities.


To get started on your career as a Diesel Technician at Ruan, visit our open opportunities here.