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2018 Transportation Industry

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BikeDedicated Contract
BikeReal-Time Tracking
BikeNetwork Optimization
BikeValue-Added Warehousing
and Cross-Docking
BikeCertified Brokerage Services
BikeManaged Transportation
BikeDock Scheduling
BikeFreight Audit and Pay
Bike3D Load

Managed Transportation 5-10% savings potential

  • Best-of-breed Transportation Management System
  • RFP event management
  • Waterfall, broadcast and spot tendering functionality
  • Secure and develop carrier relationships
  • Drive supplier and carrier compliance
  • Process improvement

Dedicated Contract Transportation 2-4% savings potential

  • High level of service
  • Dedicated capacity
  • Safety focused
  • Consistent equipment and drivers
  • Backhaul revenue sharing

Value-Added Warehousing and Cross-docking 5-10% savings potential

  • Inventory management
  • Kitting and subassembly
  • Cycle counting
  • eKanban
  • Warehouse Management System

Certified Brokerage Services

  • Enables carrier capacity aggregation
  • Provides flexible capacity in a tight market

Network Optimization 5-10% savings potential

  • Site analysis
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Mode selection options: dedicated, TL, LTL, parcel, IM, rail
  • Continuous moves

Dock Scheduling 2-5% savings potential

  • Web portal allows 3PL, shipper and carrier to interactively schedule dock time
  • Contributes to shipper of choice status
  • Eliminates carrier delay and subsequent charges
  • Improves carrier capacity in a tight market

Freight Audit and Pay Process simplification and improved invoice accuracy

  • Because FA&P is part of our TMS, rates are known at time of tender acceptance
  • Carriers can choose match and pay or auto pay options
  • PODs are available via our portal

3D Load Configuration 2-5% savings potential

  • Pallet building, stacking matrix and trailer utilization
  • Improved cube utilization
  • Reduced load count

Real-time Tracking 1-3% savings potential

  • Truckload freight position updated every 15 minutes
  • Updates ETAs for single-stop and multi-stop truckload shipments
  • Enables proactive exception management utilizing color codes
  • Allows shipper, customer, carrier and 3PL interactive visibility

Integrated Solutions

When it all comes together, it really moves.

Optimize your entire supply chain with Ruan. Don’t spin your wheels with an inefficient supply chain. Reduce costs when you optimize your supply chain with Ruan, an asset-based 3PL. From comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions to Dedicated Contract Transportation to Value-Added Warehousing, we work with you to design a solution that brings everything together, seamlessly and affordably.

Our people work side-by-side with your team to uncover savings and areas for improvement. Then, our processes streamline every step of your supply chain, from mode selection to dock scheduling to freight pay and audit. And our innovative technology tools make your freight-and your savings-visible. Now you’re moving in the right direction.

Career Opportunities


Driving Careers

Our professional truck drivers are more than simply a part of this success; they are essential to it. Ruan drivers receive ongoing safety training, full benefits after 60 days and are recognized through several awards programs. More than 60 percent of our truck drivers are home every night, and nearly all are home multiple times per week. That makes for some very satisfied drivers—and is one of the reasons we have a driver retention rate five times the industry average.


Technician Careers

At Ruan, we are extremely proud of the caliber, professionalism and dedication of our maintenance team. Our diesel technicians and service managers utilize the latest diagnostic tools and equipment necessary to solve today's maintenance challenges. These diesel technicians are truly the engine that drives our business.


Operation Careers

Each Ruan employee is an advocate for our customers—searching for ways to improve their supply chain and providing dedicated, personalized service. Achieving this takes a high level of teamwork and dedication, which is why the job of a Ruan terminal manager, dispatcher, service manager and operations manager is so important. We want you to use your abilities to be entrepreneurial and to take ownership of decision-making.


Corporate Careers

We count among our loyal customers some of the largest, most respected corporations in the world, and the list keeps growing. Therefore, we hire talented, motivated individuals for our corporate office jobs—and in return we invest in their professional development and provide advancement opportunities. Ruan truly offers opportunities in every direction.

Megasafe - Ruan Safety Program

  1. Prepare to Drive
    Take the required steps to read yourself to drive.
  2. Expand Your View
    Look farther down the road so you have more time to react.
  3. Maintain Proper Following Distance
    Keep good visibility and have time to slow down.
  4. Use Your Mirrors
    Take frequent surveillance of those around you.
  5. Execute Safe Lane Maneuvers
    Use the S.O.S. system to safely change lanes.
  6. Assess Intersections
    Scan intersections before you get to them.
  7. Adjust Speed for Conditions
    Slower is safer.
  8. Find Out More
Ruan Safety Program