Ruan continues to grow through the support and expert knowledge provided by our executive team. 

John Ruan IV | Chairman

Ben McLean | Chief Executive Officer

Dan Van Alstine | President and Chief Operating Officer 

Ron Hanson | Chief Administrative Officer 

Marty Wadle | Chief Commercial Officer 

Chad Willis | Chief Transformation Officer

Steve Wood | Chief Financial Officer

Bob Elkins | Senior Vice President, Industry Vertical Operations

Chris Fish | Senior Vice President, Dedicated Contract Transportation

Paul Jensen | Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions

Roger Mason | Senior Vice President, Sales

Danielle Foster-Smith | Vice President and General Counsel

Brad Gehring | Vice President, Fleet Services

Shawn Goad | Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

Blake Grolmus | Vice President, Safety

Sofia Samuels | Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Eleke Ukpabi | Vice President, Solution Engineering and Strategy