Tailored Dedicated Warehouse Management Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Finding a warehouse and logistics provider with the scope and technology to keep your products moving is imperative. Ruan offers dedicated, Value-Added Warehousing services and a wide range of services to our customers. We combine the best warehouse management system (WMS) and experienced professionals to create the best experience for you and your customers.

We offer dedicated, versatile warehouse space and solutions tailored to our partners' requirements. We reduce cost and drive efficiencies with operational analytics and continuous improvement practices. Ruan's robust warehouse management software package manages inventory, which is highly customizable with options like barcodes for pallets or carton labels. Stock is managed with VIN control, lot control, and FIFO controls. 

Ruan’s Dedicated Warehousing Services include:

  • Facility identification and design

  • Receipt to stock, trans-load, and cross dock

  • Pallet pick, case pick, each pick

  • Kitting and subassembly

  • Parts sequencing for lineside delivery

  • Container loading, unloading, blocking and bracing, drayage

  • Export consolidation for international shipments

  • Return processing

  • Real-time inventory processing

  • Inventory management

  • Robust Cycle Count program

  • Electronic Kanban (eKanban) fulfillment

  • Label customizations

  • Interleaving

  • Pick to light

Check out this video from DC Velocity that highlights how our warehouse management capabilities add value and reduce cost for our valued customer IABD. 

In need of Value-Added Warehousing services? See how Ruan can help!

A warehouse is more than a place to store your products and inventory. It is the heart of your supply chain, and it's important to have a space that is physically and technologically prepared to meet and exceed your business goals. To learn how Ruan can help, pass along your information below, so we can better understand your needs.