Investing in Technology

Ruan employs the most innovative, up-to-date transportation management technology in the industry in order to offer our clients customized, efficient transportation solutions. 


Ruan's customized transportation management system technology, RTMS2.0, combines software from two leading transportation system providers, other best-in-class logistics tools, including several load planning tools and a warehouse management application, and Ruan's custom intellectual property.

This transportation management technology solution offers a host of competitive supply chain tools, including the ability to: dispatch and manage Ruan's dedicated assets; seamlessly integrate with our on-board technology; provide customer integration and visibility through EDI, XML and customer-facing web portals; and administer all transportation and logistics functions, such as planning and optimization, carrier selection and management and freight audit and payment. 

Electronic Logging Devices

All of Ruan's tractors are equipped with electronic logging devices (ELD), which play a key role in continuing to improve our safety record, reporting and productivity. Though ELDs are federally mandated in all heavy-duty vehicles beginning in December 2017, Ruan opted to install the technology beginning in 2012 in order to have better visibility to what drivers and vehicles are doing on a minute-by-minute basis.

The ELDs offer electronic logging and DVIRs and several additional capabilities, including data capture and communication, ECM integration, driver monitoring and GPS. The devices ensure time savings, increased productivity, customer satisfaction, tracking, improved communication and-most importantly-safety compliance.