A Commitment to Continuously Improving Our Operations

We are continually changing and improving our practices to reduce waste and costs, and to drive efficiencies for our customers. 

Continuous Improvement 

At Ruan, continuous improvement is more than a goal; it is one of our Guiding Principles. Across the country, teams are constantly evaluating our operational processes and procedures to deliver our customers’ products safely, efficiently, and on time. This hands-on approach to process improvement empowers all team members to ask questions about how to add value to the operation and, in turn, our customers’ business.

Ruan’s Operations Support Services team drives the key continuous improvement efforts across our operations. This is accomplished through the implementation of common and consistent practices supported by real-time metrics. By optimizing the processes and technology that our operations utilize every day, Ruan transforms data into actionable information that improves the lives of our team members and customers.

Partnerships That Last

We believe lasting partnerships are formed before we have wheels on the ground. Our success in transitioning new business partners and managing their transportation starts with a strong relationship and ongoing communication. All new customers are supported by a transition manager and project team experienced in providing a seamless transition for you and your team. Ongoing communication and timely access to your personalized project plan leads to less stress through the transition process.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers’ feedback matters, and we want your voice to be heard. Each year, our customers are invited to complete a survey to rate Ruan’s performance in key areas such as communication proficiency, customer service, professionalism, operational priorities, technology, logistics services, and overall performance at both the local and corporate levels. These annual ratings provide our team with feedback critical to our continuous improvement. Each report is reviewed by our senior leadership and used to make improvements across all areas.