A Note to Professional Truck Drivers: Our Superheroes

Sep 14, 2020

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 13-19, a time when our nation takes the time to recognize the professional truck drivers who are so essential to our economy and everyday lives. You are real-life superheroes.  

Your mission: To protect the motoring public and deliver goods and products needed by every industry and consumer.

No weird spandex super suits for you. You suit up with work boots, high-visibility vests, and other proper PPE.

Each day, you vanquish villains like complacency, distraction, and fatigue.

You adhere to a strict moral code and operate with integrity and a sense of duty. You are committed to a life of service to our customers, your communities, and our nation’s consumers.

Like superheroes, you’re leaders. You are the Captain of the Ship making critical decisions each minute of driving. You possess incredible bravery to face any challenge.

Unlikely fictional superheroes, your superpowers are real.

  • You use x-ray vision to see the road ahead (and around and behind).
  • Your Spidey senses allow you to avoid danger.
  • You have the strength and power of 18 wheels and a diesel engine.
  • You read minds of those around you to anticipate their next moves and keep people safe.

Many superheroes are gifted with invisibility. While you may feel invisible at times, please know that we see you. We value you. We want to celebrate you this week. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans finally began to realize something we’ve always known: how important truck drivers are to the economy and to the lives of all consumers. Thank you for all you do.