Becoming a Technician at Ruan - Part 6

Aug 5, 2020

Becoming a diesel mechanic or technician can be a highly rewarding career. It's not just another job or paycheck; a career at Ruan as a technician will set you up for a successful future. Here are some insights from one of our regional maintenance managers on becoming a diesel mechanic at Ruan. 

What are some tools that a diesel mechanic must have to get started in their career?

Are you thinking about a career as a diesel technician/mechanic? One of the first questions Ruan service managers are asked by individuals wanting to become mechanics is, “What tools are needed to get started?” While each technician has their individual needs, here’s a quick list of suggestions to start your career:

  • For tooling, a basic set of tools with wrench sizes up to and through ½ drive.
  • Quality small hand tools, such as a ½ inch drive set, plus hand tools to do simple technical jobs.
  • Ruan provides diagnostic tooling and specialized tools.

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