Becoming a Technician at Ruan - Part 3

Nov 4, 2020

Becoming a diesel mechanic or technician can be a highly rewarding career. It's not just another job or paycheck; a career at Ruan as a technician will set you up for a successful future. Here are some insights from one of our regional maintenance managers on becoming a diesel mechanic at Ruan. 


What do Ruan technicians like about their job?

As a family-owned company, one of Ruan’s Guiding Principles is People First. I think over the years our managers have embraced this concept and have created a family-like environment. When I talk to our technicians, one of the things they tell me that they like about working for Ruan is that they feel like they are part of a family.

Ruan has business units located across the country that range in size from as few as two technicians all the way to 20 technicians. No matter the size of the shop, there is a sense of ownership and comradery where everyone helps each other. The fact that our shops are local helps as well.

We have a great mix of knowledge and experience. Our younger technicians bring a fresh, new perspective while the seasoned veterans bring the experience. When all of this is combined, not only do we get great results, but we’ve created a solid team that trusts and respects each other. Everyone has each other’s backs.

Another thing that is great about Ruan is the support our veteran technicians provide to the younger technicians. When you start a new job it can be difficult, especially if you are in a competitive environment. Ruan’s veteran technicians are more than willing to learn from new or incoming technicians and really form a bond sharing support that spans knowledge across generations.  


To get started on your career as a Diesel Technician at Ruan, visit our open opportunities here.