Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Sep 9, 2019 By:

Stop and look at all the things that surround us. It might be easy to say how you ended up with the everyday items you use, but do you really appreciate how they got there? Common aspects of everyday life are often not credited to our professional truck drivers who haul products from point A to point B. It’s pretty safe to say that without professional truck drivers supporting our nation’s economy, the world would not be functioning the way it is today.

Without the batteries that our drivers deliver to retailers, we would not have running cars that take us to work and other activities. The metals that our truck drivers haul are the foundation of the construction and housing industry—a key driver in our economy. Without our grocery, retail, and dairy haulers, there would be no food on our tables, clothing in our stores, and milk shakes at our favorite ice cream shops. Specialized gases and chemicals drivers deliver lifesaving gases to hospitals and products to laboratories, metal fabrication companies, fish farms, and food processors. Most importantly, without truck drivers, regions of the country would be limited to consuming only what they can locally produce, which would have a significant effect on the global economy. All of us depend on these truck drivers to deliver locally produced goods to other parts of the country.

Being a truck driver takes hard work, dedication, and commitment. Our regional drivers give up much of their home life and travel long distances to make these important deliveries. Our flatbed drivers must take extra steps to ensure loads are secure with uncommonly shaped items, therefore protecting the motoring public with whom they share the roads. They do this when the temperature is well below zero and in sweltering heat. Our tanker drivers who haul hazardous materials must go through extra training and be prepared for emergency situations. We are so thankful for the work ethic and commitment of our professional drivers—not to mention the huge impact they make for our company, the economy, and consumers.

Our founder, John Ruan, was our company’s first dedicated, professional driver and early innovator. He instilled a vision that has allowed this company to go the distance. Ruan has grown with opportunities in every direction, and we want to take this time to thank all of our drivers who have supported us on this journey. For the last 87 years, we have only hired the best professional drivers that the industry has to offer, and this has largely contributed to the growth and success of our company.

While America celebrates this week as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we are thankful for our professional drivers every day. Ruan appreciates every single mile you drive that moves not only our business forward, but moves the people of America forward as well.