Get to Know Our Team: Brett Schlegel

Apr 24, 2020 By:

Meet Brett Schlegel, Vice President of Operations, Managed Transportation 


How long have you been with Ruan? Brett Schlegel Headshot

I have been with Ruan 10 years over two different time periods. I attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Supply Chain Management degree. When I started at ISU, I was on the path of getting a Finance degree, but when I took the Introduction to Supply Chain Management class, I got an A, which was huge for me. I decided to change my path and never looked back. I was fortunate to get a job with Ruan in Minnesota right out of school as part of the management trainee program. I then spent the first four years onsite for the Polaris account. For the last six years, I have been at the Des Moines, IA, campus having the privilege to lead the Managed Transportation team. 

How many members are on your team at Ruan? What is your team responsible for?  

I have the honor and privilege to lead the Managed Transportation team. We have 86 team members and are part of the Managed Transportation Group. The team is made up of a mixed of Operations Leaders, Business Managers, Business Superiors, Business Analysts, and Specialists (SR & associate). The Managed Transportation team is a dedicated team that is really is an extension of our customers transportation group. Our team is responsible for order/load optimization; freight planning that provides the right cost, right service solution; carrier tender and relationship building; load tracking visibility that utilizes FourKites for truckload freight; and robotic automation for the less than truck load freight. Utilizing the data in the system, we can provide powerful metrics and continuous improvement opportunities for our customers that drives out waste and increases efficiencies. The results of the team’s performance is creating long-lasting, mutually valuable business partnerships with our customers and carriers.

Tell us about your life outside of work.

My wife, Missie, and I stay very busy and active with our two boys - Hudson is 4 years old and Parker is 3 years old. We enjoy spending time with family, being outside, watching Nebraska and Iowa State sporting events, and grilling/BBQ smoking