Get to Know Our Team: Jeff Harpole

Jul 22, 2020 By:

Meet Jeff Harpole, Vice President of Operations

How long have you been with Ruan?

I started with Ruan in March of 2020 and have responsibility for of our large retail and grocery customers. Prior to joining Ruan, I spent 13 years with Dollar General where I led the global transportation team and 17 years with Schneider National. During my time at Schneider, I worked on site at multiple customers and also held a variety of different roles in operations, customer service, and sales.  

How many members are on your team at Ruan?

We have more than 500 team members supporting our large retail and grocery customers including professional drivers, on-site leaders, and Des Moines-based team members.  

What is your team responsible for?

The team is responsible for dedicated operations for three of Ruan’s top 10 accounts and ensuring each team member lives out the core values of Ruan. The operation ranges from store deliveries, shuttles between warehouses, and yard driver operations. Team members engage directly with the customers to support new opportunities and ensure we are executing at the highest level on the business they have entrusted to Ruan.  

What project are you working on that you’re most excited about?  

The team has a lot going on right now! We have taken several actions in the second quarter to improve safety results and increase driver productivity, all while developing the team and handling record volume levels. In addition, we have spent a tremendous amount of effort looking at ways to eliminate cost for the customer. Examples of customer initiatives include increasing backhauls, optimizing store/distribution center assignments, and improving trailer fullness.

Tell us about your life outside of work.

My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married for 15 years and have a 13 year old son, Dominick, and an 11 year old daughter, Kirsten. We live in Nashville, TN, and enjoy traveling, water sports, and snow skiing.

Does your department have any current job openings? 

We are currently seeking a diesel mechanic in DuBois, PA. Interested candidates can apply here