Have you read RED?

Jul 31, 2017 By:

Our 85th anniversary issue of RED Magazine was just released this July and highlights 85 reasons Ruan is still going strong since John Ruan hauled his first load of gravel in 1932.

In this issue:

Learn more about Ruan’s strategy to comply with new regulations for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency, as well as the use of compressed natural gas and renewable natural gas powered vehicles in our fleet.

Come meet our new chief information officer and learn about the technology that is helping deliver our loads faster while keeping our drivers and the motoring public safer than ever.

A look at the December 2017 electronic logging device mandate—and what Ruan is doing to comply.

Check out our Summer 2017 issue, and all previous editions of RED, to learn more!

RED Magazine is a publication highlighting news from Ruan and the transportation industry. In RED, you will find industry information, guidance on a variety of transportation-related topics and updates on Ruan innovations and services.