RED Magazine

Ruan produces RED Magazine to help keep our customers prepared with insights and expertise on the latest trends and challenges facing the transportation industry. Topics differ in each issue but include safety, supply chain, technology, fleet management, government regulations, and more.


RED Magazine: October 2019

IT Macro Trends: How the industry is embracing new and developing technology.


RED Magazine: January 2019

The critical importance of investing in technology and people to move the industry forward.

RED Magazine: Winter 2018

Disruptive innovations force the industry to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

RED Magazine: Summer 2017

Our 85th Anniversary: 85 reasons Ruan is still going strong.

RED Magazine: Summer 2016

How Ruan is helping our clients rest easy.

RED Magazine: Summer 2015

How Ruan is addressing the increasing national driver deficit.

Red Magazine Spring 2014

RED Magazine: Spring 2014

How Ruan utilizes pricing and design to create the optimal solution.

RED Magazine: Summer 2013

Integrated Solutions: Your one-source transportation management solution.

RED Magazine: Winter 2013

The Goods: Trucking industry moves America's economy.

RED Magazine: Summer 2012

Celebrating 80 years in business.

RED Magazine: Winter 2012

Ruan launches Megasafe, Ruan's proprietary safety program.

RED Magazine: Spring 2011

The Finest Fleet: Ruan's driver force.

RED Magazine: Summer 2010

Farewell to John Ruan, our founder.

RED Magazine: Summer 2009

The Art of Leadership.

RED Magazine: Winter 2009

The World Food Prize: A tenacious commitment to ending world hunger.