Megasafe7 Rule 2: Expand Your View

Feb 12, 2017

Being a defensive driver requires constantly being alert. The number one way to ensure you’re driving safely is to use your eyes and follow Megasafe7 Rule 2: Expand Your View. As a professional driver, you sit higher in your cab than other vehicles, giving you a better view of the road in front of you. But expand your view is more than just having visibility; it allows you to collect information farther and deeper as you look ahead of and around you.

While traveling on a highway, you want to be in a position that allows you to have at least a quarter mile of clear vision ahead of you. In city driving, have at least three city blocks of clear vision. Always aim to see as far down the road as you can. This will allow you to see disruptions in traffic in advance, including accidents, brake lights, road construction, vehicles on the shoulder, road debris or anything else that could affect your drive. You can use this information to safely slow your vehicle down or safely change lanes sooner, allowing you to avoid abrupt maneuvers. Expand your view can often allow you to avoid hard-braking situations and even rear-end collisions.

Also, elevate your eyes when navigating curves to register information as soon as it enters view. Do the same after turns; get your eyes down the road to expand your view and gather the new information from the turn. You will have the information as soon as possible, and you can make the correct decision about how to respond.

We want you to see the information that pertains to your drive as soon as possible so you have time to prepare. The sooner you see something or identify it, the more time you have to make decisions that are safe for you and the motoring public. As you drive, be sure to always use expand your view.