Recruiter Spotlight - Juanita Cherry-Jones

Jul 10, 2023

We are excited to feature several of our team members in our Recruiting Spotlight. The Recruiting Spotlight is an opportunity to learn more about who is on the other side of that Hotline call! Meet Juanita Cherry-Jones, Driver Recruiting Specialist at the Des Moines Campus.


Q: What do you enjoy most about recruiting for Ruan?

The best part about recruiting truck drivers for Ruan is hearing the amazing back stories of each driver. I talk to drivers every day and get to learn more about them each time I speak to them. I have even had drivers whom I have hired that ask to stay in touch. It is truly awesome to hear how they enjoy their work and continue to grow within their role at Ruan.

Q: What types of positions are you currently recruiting for?

Juanita Headshot

I currently recruit for local and regional truck driving positions to support our customers in the manufacturing, chemical, and industrial gases industries.

Q: What excites you about recruiting for Ruan?

I enjoy pairing exceptional and qualified drivers with our operations across the nation! We offer a wide range of driving positions (local, regional, dry van trailers, flatbed trailers, etc.), which allows us to match drivers with jobs that best suit their needs.

Q: What question are you most frequently asked by prospective drivers and technicians?

I am frequently asked about our policy on driving in inclement weather. I really enjoy highlighting our Captain of the Ship philosophy when it comes to safety. Drivers are responsible for their safety first and foremost—if they do not feel comfortable with continuing a route, especially related to inclement weather, we ask for them to pull over to a safe location and keep in touch with their dispatchers. Our operations will do whatever it takes to make sure our drivers make it home safely.

Q: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about applying to be a driver or technician at Ruan?

If a driver is on the fence, I recommend they a talk to our on-site operation managers or a current driver on the account. This allows prospective drivers to get a real feel for a position from our current drivers and shows how involved our on-site managers are.

Our managers really get to know our drivers and can further discuss any specific hesitations they may have. Plus, it is always a bonus to hear about the position directly from a driver who works it every day. This is one of the many ways that drivers are so much more than just a number at Ruan. We want to show prospective candidates that we care not only about them, but also about their time with family and friends!


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