On the Road with Rod, the Recruiter

Nov 3, 2021

With an ongoing driver shortage, it is increasingly important to get in front of the correct driver audience. Meet Rod, our Field Recruiter at Ruan, who has left his footprint across the country to reach many of our 300+ operations over the last few months. Whether it’s going directly to our operations to talk to potential drivers or setting up pop up tents in order to attract candidates, Rod has been reaching the driver market with his great attitude and love for Ruan. If he’s in your town soon, be sure to stop by and learn about the many reasons why Ruan is a great place to work. Here's what he had to say about his job at Ruan. 

Photo of Rod

How long have you been field recruiting at Ruan?

I’m getting close to my 15th year as a Ruan employee. With my current role as Ruan’s Field Driver Recruiter, I’m well into my fifth year. I joined Ruan as a driver and spent five years in that role, then I was an on-site manager for four years. I was managing, assisting, and opening new accounts from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

Why do you love working at Ruan?

One word: TRUST! Ruan has allowed me to utilize my skill sets, personality, and the great values that my parents instilled in me. My upbringing taught me to be on time and to perform tasks or jobs to your best ability to make yourself proud. Someone is always watching, and the doors of opportunity will open for you. Beginning with my performance as driver, Ruan then trusted me to manage multiple operations. Now they trust me to be a face representing the company, traveling coast to coast and border to border, recruiting and assisting recruiters with the onboarding process of hiring drivers. I earned trust. So, Ruan’s trust in me is why I love Ruan!

Why should someone consider driving for Ruan?

If you desire to work with other drivers who care about their profession, their dedicated account, their equipment, and doing their best to keep the customer happy, come to Ruan! Our drivers look out for one another. Making the job a good place to work takes teamwork! My personal experiences as a driver with Ruan are memorable. I worked weekends in the Northeast. If I needed a day off, all I had to do was tell the other drivers and we made sure everything would be covered. If someone broke down, I remember other drivers on their off day going to pick up a driver in their personal vehicle so that guy would be home for their off day and not in a hotel waiting for repairs. I’m 10 years removed from driving, and I still see those same actions—drivers caring about one another.   

If anyone is ever hesitant about driving for Ruan, what do you tell them?

When they’re hesitant, I address the reason they chose to apply with Ruan in the first place.

“I applied because I see Ruan has good equipment.” 

Ruan realizes equipment in the shop isn’t making anyone money and regularly update equipment. Additionally, Ruan understands the need to maintain incredible maintenance facilities. We have well-qualified technicians and a system that ensures equipment is serviced regularly. We continually invest in late-model equipment with the latest technology advancements designed to keep our drivers and the motoring public safe.

“I’m tired of my paycheck being short or having to wait to get my check.”

I feel your pain! Drivers are paid well at Ruan—and on time, every Friday. If there are problems, they will be corrected immediately and very often before pay day.

The great thing about recruiting for Ruan is we don’t have to lie to job seekers. I can honestly say that Ruan does listen to their drivers. I’ve seen many changes because something was brought to management’s attention.

I don’t have to be pushy, and I’m factual with drivers about Ruan. My 14+ years of experience with the company speaks volumes to why I represent Ruan and position myself in locations for drivers to meet me and learn why I’ve been here for so long.

Where is your favorite place to go and why?

Believe it or not, it’s not about the name of a city or state; it’s about the people. My favorite place is any location I can visit a second time, a third time, or more. I love seeing people I’ve met at Ruan over the years. It’s like visiting a long-time friend or family member you don’t live near anymore. There are always special moments shared while talking, dining, joking, and of course, accomplishing the job at hand. I always hear, “Hey, I heard you were coming to town,” and we just catch up with one another about our lives, family, sports, and what’s new with Ruan. 

What is your funniest story on the road?

I have two funny stories and one nice story. I’ll start with a golf outing in Cleveland, OH, during a customer account start up. I had my golf clubs with me and another co-worker from the continuous improvement department had his. There was a driver from the flex fleet and one safety instructor. The course had one set of rental clubs, which the driver used, and I shared my clubs with the safety instructor. The safety instructor had never played golf before. I’m not that good myself, but I just knew I’d beat him and the driver. Well, he beat me with my own golf clubs. Three years later they still laugh when they see me. 

Second funny story. My brand new $900 pop up tent for outdoor recruiting efforts blew over the first time I used it, within 10 minutes. After setting it up, I started taking selfies to send to co-workers because I was happy Ruan purchased it for me. Well, I walked away with my head down, sending the selfie, then I looked up and didn’t see the tent! It had blown into a ditch next to an on ramp off I-85 in Charlotte, NC. I had to lift it from underneath and walk it out of the ditch with my arms stretched out and on my tip toes.

The next story happened after I was reassigned from one customer site to another location. The customer I was leaving shrink wrapped my pickup truck. Completely. Body and tires, made it one large plastic gift wrapped four door F150. That was them showing their love for me.

What do you do when you’re not traveling at Ruan?

When not traveling, I’m living the home life. I’m maintaining my home in Pennsylvania and eating lots of pizza and cheesesteaks before I’m off to work again. 

Where will you be next?

Well, there are a few new projects that Ruan has going on. I don’t know exactly where just yet. Maybe Indiana, back to Gastonia, NC, or wherever Ruan needs me. I can’t wait!

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