Remember to Share the Road

May 21, 2019 By:

More and more people are choosing walking, running, and bicycling to stay active, run errands, and even commute to work. And this number increases as warmer weather arrives. It’s important as a professional driver to be even more diligent in checking your mirrors and assessing intersections. Remember that no one—driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian—has sole rights to the road. It’s a shared space where everyone has rights and responsibilities.


Remember that bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as you and should be treated as you would treat other drivers on the road.

Some key things to note:

  • Do not underestimate their speed. This will help avoid turning in front of a bicycle that is traveling on the road or sidewalk.
  • When turning right, check your mirrors closely to make sure a bicyclist isn’t approaching from the right rear.
  • When turning left, pay close attention to oncoming traffic and be aware that bicycles may be approaching faster than they appear.
  • Pass bicyclists as you would vehicles—when it’s safe to move into an adjacent lane. Give them room.


Pedestrians have rights on the road too, particularly in crosswalks. Always slow down, thoroughly assess intersections, and be prepared to yield to pedestrians when they’re in a crosswalk. When backing, pay extra attention in areas where pedestrians may be present.

Share the road – keep yourself and those around you safe!