Ruan Sponsors Sawyer Phillips Racing

May 25, 2023

Ruan is excited to announce our sponsorship of Sawyer Phillips, driver and owner of the 3P 360 and 410 sprint cars, local farmer, and Iowa native.

Ruan is no stranger to the importance of timing, efficiency, and safety. We understand the value of hard work, grit, determination, and teamwork—all traits that Phillips embodies on and off the track. With this sponsorship, Ruan hopes to support Phillips’ growth as a driver and help him achieve his goals in the racing world, as well as promote our brand to the loyal sprint car fan base in the Midwest.

Born in Pleasantville, IA, Phillips began racing at the age of 15 and has accumulated numerous awards, including earning back-to-back top 10 finishes in the Knoxville Raceway 410 season point series and multiple feature wins in the 360 series. His race schedule for 2023 includes the World of Outlaws, 360 and 410 Nationals in Knoxville, IA, as well as High Limit, ASCS, and several others across five states. In addition to racing, Phillips uses his mechanical skills to build and maintain both sprint cars. Ruan is excited to be a part of Phillips’ journey as he continues to push himself to new heights.

Phillips’ love of sprint car racing is surpassed only by his love of family and farming. He and his wife, Kennedy, play an integral role in the Phillips family farm. They adopt many advanced technology practices that allow them to maximize production while also reducing environmental impact.

“Sawyer’s stellar reputation coupled with his dedication to family, farming, and racing made the partnership an easy decision,” said Marty Wadle, Ruan’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Sawyer spends a lot of time during the year driving a semi as well as maintaining the family’s farm equipment and his sprint cars, so he’s got a lot in common with Ruan’s largest employee populations—truck drivers and diesel technicians. We plan to use this platform to showcase our industry-leading technician and truck driving jobs to racing fans. We are very proud to have Sawyer wearing Ruan Red, and we look forward to a great season!”

The partnership between Ruan and Sawyer Phillips Racing is sure to be a winning combination. Both entities share a passion for excellence and a dedication to achieving their goals.

“I’m excited to have Ruan on board for the 2023 and 2024 race seasons,” Phillips said. “Dirt track racing is a perfect way to connect with employees, customers, and future talent for large, national companies like Ruan. We look forward to a successful season competing at multiple tracks around the Midwest.”

Check out the 2023 racing schedule here