Sharing the Road

May 24, 2021 By:

It’s important to share the road and drive safely all year long, but as our country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and more people return to their daily commutes and regular travel, the roads will be filling up this summer—and safety should be top of mind. As Memorial Day weekend approaches, more drivers will be out and about and may be a little out of practice sharing the road with so many other vehicles. This includes cyclists and motorcycles, which can be harder to spot for larger vehicles.


May is National Bike Month, so it’s a great time to remember that sharing the road is important for both sides. Bicyclists often lack proper protection for crashes, particularly with larger or fast-moving vehicles. They are also traveling at slower speeds and can be hard for drivers to see, especially at night or in busy traffic situations.

For cyclists, it’s important to remember to give large vehicles plenty of space and to never cut in front of them or ride too closely next to them. Wearing the proper equipment like a helmet and having reflective tape or lights on your bike or clothing is also crucial while riding in the evening or at night. For drivers, always be on the look out for cyclists when in urban areas or near bike paths and parks.


May is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Much like bicycles, motorcycles are small and can be hard to see or keep track of while on a busy roadway. Motorcyclists should remember to stay out of blind spots and to always be aware when driving around large vehicles. A good tip to remember is if you can’t see a truck’s side mirrors, they probably can’t see you.

We all have a duty to keep ourselves and each other safe while driving. Be aware of your surroundings and give larger vehicles the space they need.