Can Integrated Solutions Keep Your Supply Chain Together?

Mar 23, 2022

Ruan’s Vice Presidents of Operations Brett Schlegel and Lucas Wolfe sit down with Jeof Vita of the Inbound Logistics Podcast to discuss the advantages of Ruan’s Integrated Supply Chain Solutions. Schlegel and Wolfe explain how Ruan helped customers weather the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to adapt in an unstable environment. This included educating clients on the range of Ruan’s transportation and logistics services, developing an innovative dashboard to effectively manage capacity, and collaborating with Ruan teams across the country to provide solutions for unforeseen challenges and barriers.

As an asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Ruan is well equipped to add value for shippers with both logistics and transportation services. Email or call (866) 782-6669 to learn how Ruan can help solve complex supply chain challenges with our Integrated Solutions offerings.

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