The Secret Ingredient for Near Century of Transportation Success With Blake Grolmus

Mar 13, 2024

Ruan's Blake Grolmus, Vice President of Safety, recently appeared on an episode of FreightWaves podcast, "What the Truck?". The episode titled, "The Secret Ingredient for Near Century of Transportation Success" highlights Ruan's commitment to safety and how we are setting the tone for our future in safety. With 92 years and counting of safety-focused operations, Ruan's established culture and technology play a large role in ensuring not only the safety of our own driving team members, but also the motoring public. 

“All of our safety programs are designed with our people in mind so that every one of our drivers, every one of our warehouse associates, every technician in our shops — they all get back home to their loved ones at the end of the day in the same condition that they left the house in,” Grolmus said. “Maybe with just a little more dirt on their boots and a little more money in their pocket, but that’s really our goal.”

While culture and principles establish a foundation, Grolmus shared that technology plays a large role in navigating modern safety landscapes. Grolmus said the goal of capturing safety data is to enhance training, exonerate drivers, boost recognition, and optimize routes. Leveraging the technology put into place in a way that supplements what our experienced drivers are already doing highlights our commitment to safety and helps to maintain a safe work environment. 

Watch the entire episode below and learn more in the FreightWaves article here.