Training Support Specialist

Phoenix, AZ

Posted: 7/20/2021
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Summary Information: Category: Corporate - Location: Phoenix AZ
Training Support Specialist
This position is responsible for ensuring Ruan's Driver Training Center is highly organized, communicates effectively, and executes excellent first impressions for our new hires as they join the Ruan team.
  • Retrieve, interpret, and maintain reporting data for potential and current orientation attendees. Initiate contact with attendees via email, phone, and/or text and effectively determine: availability for attendance, conducive travel options, dietary restrictions, awareness of training schedule, and other information as needed.
  • Make all travel arrangements for attendees including, but not limited to: hotel accommodations, rental car reservations, flight bookings. Effectively and consistently communicate iteneraries to attendees in a clear and concise manner.
  • Prepare training center space for attendees' arrival including but not limited to: training materials, gift kits, snacks and drinks, room setup, per diem cards.
  • Manage inventory levels for training center utilizing a variety of web-based profiles. Work closely with manager to identify storage space, frequency of replenishment, and purchase approval.
  • Provide meal options to attendees and process meal orders, ensuring timely delivery of food in compliment to training schedule.
  • Assist attendees with new hire paperwork and various account creations as needed. Process verification documents in a sensitive manner for each class.
  • Occasionally address attendees as a group in a classroom setting.
  • Communicate with operational leaders regarding their new hire's potential attendance, in-class perforrmance, and eventual completion of orientation.
  • Purchase necessary items using company credit card in accordance with budgetary limits. Help initiate and maintain positive and lasting vendor relationships. Retain all records and punctually report expenses on monthly statement.
  • Perform other job-related duties and specialist projects as required.
  • Associate, Vocational, or Technical Degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Course(s) of Study: Administrative Assistant AAS Degree or related field of study is preferred. 
  • 3 – 5 year’s industry experience preferred.
  • Must have basic knowledge of business procedures and organizational structure. 
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.  
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications that includes MS Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 
  • Ability to retain strong professional demeanor and rapport with management and customers. 
  • Strong organizational, verbal, and written communication skills with basic business composition skills.
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