Dispatch Coordinators at Ruan


Becoming a Dispatch Coordinator at Ruan can be a highly rewarding career. This position can open the door to an endless career path at Ruan, where every day is exciting and challenging. Paul, Angie, Brody, and Kimberly are Dispatch Managers at Ruan. Here is what they have to say about these positions:

Describe a typical day.

"As a dispatch coordinator, the day starts with checking on each driver’s location to verify they are on time. Determining if they will be in the day’s lineup and how many hours they will use to return to a KP location. Accepting/requesting loads to cover the trucks for the day.  Assigning the drivers based on the dispatch procedure and the remaining hours they can legally run. Making sure that you are keeping in mind the weekly mileage goal.  Assigning the loads in TMW and matching them up to KP inbounds. If no inbounds are available, then adding them to the spreadsheet for the backhaul team to secure them an outside load. Make pickup appts for the KP inbounds. Provide a list of loads and ETAs to the employee responsible for make the delivery appts. Monitor and update events in TMW. Direct and assist drivers with issues. Inform customers of delays in deliveries/pickups." - Kimberly


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Why did you choose to work for Ruan?

Choosing to work for Ruan is not just another job, it's a career. At Ruan, there is always the opportunity for growth and advancement.

"I chose to work for Ruan because of their competitive pay and opportunity to advance within the company." - Paul

What is your favorite part about your job?

"I am all about customer service. In recent years, I feel customer service has gone to the wayside (in general, not Ruan's customer service). I firming believe the customer is the reason we all get a paycheck. I get a lot of satisfaction when my customer is satisfied with my efforts." - Angie

What about your job challenges you?

"There are always things to learn at Ruan. Things are constantly changing, which forces me to keep my knowledge up. If there is something I do not understand, I can research it on the Ruan Hub (internal employee site) and find my answer." - Angie

What is a useful tip for someone who is considering a Dispatch Coordinator position?

"If you are willing to learn, you have personal dedication and loyalty, then you can grow with Ruan. Ruan rewards those who take a proactive approach to bettering themselves." - Angie


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What do you like about Ruan's culture?

"Ruan takes care of their people. They are a people first company." - Angie

"One thing about Ruan's culture that I like is that they give back to the community in many ways through Habitat for Humanity, Meals from the Heartland, United Way of Central Iowa, and the Food Bank of Iowa." - Paul


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