Ruan Places Third in Division II of the Des Moines Corporate Games

Aug 6, 2021

The Des Moines Campus team has had an exciting summer at Ruan! The company placed third overall in Division II in the Des Moines Corporate Games! The Des Moines Corporate Games is a company-based competition that took place in June and July. The Games are comprised of a series of 25 events throughout the summer that enable and support teamwork, company pride, and corporate wellness among competitors at each participating employer. Ruan has competed in the Des Moines Corporate Games for the past five years, and this was Ruan’s first time placing.


Fifty-nine team members competed in the variety of events offered throughout summer. Some of the highlights include


  • Dodgeball team placing first
  • Men’s bowling team placing third
  • Three-on-three basketball team placing first
  • Trivia team placing third
  • Volleyball team placing second


Each event earns the company a certain amount of points that are collectively added up at the end of the summer. Ruan will be awarded a third-place trophy at the Iowa State Fair for our efforts. Thank you to the Des Moines Corporate Games for promoting wellness in the community, and thank you to our team members for participating. Next year, we are going for gold!