Recruiting Spotlight – Gen Hernandez Connor

Nov 20, 2023

We are excited to feature several of our team members in our Recruiting Spotlight. The Recruiting Spotlight is an opportunity to learn more about who is on the other side of that Hotline call! Meet Gen Hernandez Connor, Sr. Driver Recruiter Specialist.

Q: Tell us a little about your career path and background.Gen Hernandez

I started in the trucking industry back in 1982 as a file clerk in Southern California. As I learned more about the industry, I moved into operations management and then spent 15 years in logistics management. Eventually, I attended and graduated from Arizona State University a degree in Global Business Management and Human Resources Management.

I have worn a diverse set of hats in the trucking industry, including Supply Chain Planner, Director of Safety, and in 2007, I joined Ruan as a Field Recruiter. Since then, I have been promoted to Sr. Driver Recruiting Specialist and love what I do!

Q: What do you enjoy most about recruiting for Ruan?

I enjoy working with both drivers and operation managers to understand each party’s needs, so I can help with finding the perfect fit. It is my goal to match professional drivers with our best-fitting positions while bringing in high-quality candidates for our operations.

I also enjoy using my DOT knowledge to review and analyze hiring documents from our driver candidates. Once we find the right fit, I always look forward to saying, “Let me be the first to say, welcome to Ruan.”

Q: What types of positions are you currently recruiting for?

I am currently hiring for the peak season in our retail operations for both full-time and part-time positions. These positions are typically home daily with no-touch freight, drop and hook, and have a.m. and p.m. schedules available. I also have local flatbed positions open, which is a great opportunity for drivers who are looking for Monday through Friday schedules with a.m. start times, while working with a great, long-standing customer.

Q: What excites you about recruiting for Ruan?

We follow DOT regulations, and our operations demonstrate integrity, professionalism, and are always willing to listen. When we match drivers to our positions, I feel we are giving them an opportunity to improve their lives through a safe workplace and earning an honest living. Our drivers are what make this company. I don’t want to just offer a job—there are tons of driving jobs out there, and I want to offer a home.  

Q: What question are you most frequently asked by prospective drivers and technicians?

I am commonly asked about advancement opportunities and how Ruan handles equipment breakdowns. Of course, career advancement opportunities are always an option—our company was founded by a motivated driver looking for more! As far as equipment breakdowns, we provide late-model, well-maintained equipment that is serviced by a professional team of local technicians. Our local managers can individually address any breakdown concerns that a driver may have.

Q: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about applying to be a driver or technician at Ruan?

I would tell them to take their time and do what is right for them and their family. If they are looking for stability in the market, we are a long-standing, solid company. If it is safety, we have excellent safety metrics, use innovative technology, and embody a safety-focused culture. If it is respect, we believe in putting people first. If someone decides not to join our team, that’s okay, too. Maybe it’s not the right time. We hope drivers reapply when the time is right, and we will still be here waiting to say, “Welcome to Ruan.”


Interested in speaking to Gen and learning more about full-time and part-time home daily positions?

Call our hotline at 800-879-7826 or check out our open positions!