Becoming a Technician at Ruan - Part 10

May 6, 2020

Becoming a diesel mechanic or technician can be a highly rewarding career. It's not just another job or paycheck; a career at Ruan as a technician will set you up for a successful future. Here are some insights from one of our regional maintenance managers on becoming a diesel mechanic at Ruan. 

Why should you consider a career as a diesel technician at Ruan?

This is an exciting time for those individuals who are considering a career as a diesel technician. A young person coming into the industry will have never-ending opportunities for advancement. It’s a well-paying, highly rewarding career. As the demand for shipping fleets grows over the next decade, so will the need for diesel technicians. As we see technology continually improve the way fleets operate, our technicians are always learning new things and gaining insight into what is happening tomorrow.

What are the benefits of starting a career at Ruan as a diesel technician?

When it comes to choosing a career, there are many outdated and inaccurate preconceptions about diesel technicians.  

First, this is a high-paying career that offers long-term stability. A Ruan mechanic earns some of the highest wages across the country.

Next is stability. As the need for professional drivers continues to trend upward, so does the need for skilled, experienced diesel technicians.

At Ruan, we also provide our technicians with almost everything you need including uniforms, safety boots, and glasses. When working in cold or hot weather, we provide appropriate for the environment. Our technicians also have access to the latest diagnostic technology and training to utilize the equipment, all provided by Ruan.

Why are diesel mechanics important to Ruan?

Ruan is committed to hiring best-in-class professional mechanics and technicians. We hire the best because this team is responsible for keeping nearly 4,000 power units and 7,500 trailers safe, reliable, and on the road delivering products to customers.

Ruan invests in our mechanics and technicians and ensures everyone has access to the latest training, technology, and safety procedures. We do this to enable growth within the technician career path and so that our technicians can bring out the best of their ability. Ruan has many benefits to offer our mechanics and technicians, including paid Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification when you start or continue your career here.

Ruan also knows it’s important to have a healthy work-life balance. Most full-time positions are guaranteed a 40-hour work week with the opportunity to earn overtime hours. These are family-friendly schedules, and your local manager can assist you with your schedule.  

Anyone coming in as a diesel mechanic or a manager has an opportunity for advancement. Every Ruan technician can take part in continuous education and training. Ruan uses this professional development to help technicians take on more challenges and gain more responsibility.

Because Ruan has shops located across the U.S., technicians can transfer to other shops that might have openings for a position that pays more and has increased responsibility.


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