Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

Sep 10, 2023

Securing the everyday and essential items that make your life comfortable would be more challenging—if not impossible—without one crucial piece to the supply chain, and that is our nation’s truck drivers. Their dedication, commitment, and endurance ensure that everyone has the products they need that come from beyond what is available in their local communities, contributing greatly to the global economy. In fact, more than 80 percent of cities and communications are served exclusively by trucks. What would life be like without the millions of Americans who serve as truck drivers?

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 10-16, which is a time for us to recognize our nation’s professional truck drivers for all the work they do power our nation’s economy and advance supply chains. They have a large impact of some of the nation’s most relied upon industries including food and beverages, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceuticals, and retail to name a few.

Thank you to our drivers who deliver grocery products, keeping our shelves stocked with food that is sourced from around the world. Thank you to our drivers who deliver lifesaving gases to hospitals so that doctors can assist patients to their fullest ability. Thank you to our drivers who deliver metal and steel products that contribute to our nation’s infrastructure, including housing and construction. Thank you to our drivers who deliver retail products that enhance everyday life, making it more enjoyable. Thank you to our drivers who deliver anything and everything that we search for—it does not go unnoticed.


Nearly every aspect of daily life is made possible because of you. Thank you, truly, for your safety focus, your dedication to exceptional performance, and your commitment to customer satisfaction.