Celebrating Sustainability - Earth Day 2023

Apr 22, 2023

As a member of the transportation and logistics industry, Ruan strives to invest in processes and technologies that reduce our environmental impact. We are continually focused on finding ways to make our more than 4,000 tractors and 10,000 trailer fleet cleaner and more efficient. As we celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to highlight several ways Ruan drives sustainability.

Alternative Fuels and Our Fleet

We have committed to continuously improve our overall fuel economy and have implemented numerous strategies to support this goal including keeping a modern fleet and using lightweight and aerodynamic specs. Over the past four years, Ruan has purchased more than three and a half million gallons of renewable diesel blends. Our Central Valley California fleet uses renewable diesel blends, which is a zero-petroleum alternative fuel consisting of 80 percent renewable diesel and 20 percent biodiesel.

On top of alternative fuels, Ruan currently owns six electric vehicle (EV) yard tractors in our fleet, with a couple of units on order and more opportunities in the works for 2023. Since adding our first EV yard tractor in late 2020, we have displaced a total of 32,314 gallons of diesel (equal to 32 tons of CO2 displaced).

To put the tons of CO2 into perspective, this is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted from 367,859 pounds of coal burned.

SmartWay Excellence Award Winner

SmartWay is a market-driven Partnership of the Environmental Protection Agency that helps companies benchmark freight performance, make informed decisions that drive sustainable supply chains, reduce emissions, and fosters the development of a cleaner and more efficient freight supply chain. EPA's SmartWay Excellence Award recognizes exceptional freight performance among EPA SmartWay Partners. Ruan has participated in SmartWay since 2008, and we are a five-time SmartWay Excellence Award winner and a six-time High Performer Award winner. Just over 2 percent of all SmartWay carriers operate fleets clean and efficient enough to be named to the SmartWay High Performers list.

Going Forward

We are excited to continue moving forward with a variety of sustainability efforts, including deploying additional electric yard tractors and over the road vehicles, and utilizing alternative fuels like compressed natural gas (CNG), renewable diesel, and biodiesel. A core part of our business has always been dedicated to implementing the best practices for our customers, their customers, and the communities we serve.