Congratulations to Ruan's 2020 Maintenance Shop of the Year!

Mar 10, 2021

At Ruan’s annual Service Manager meeting, we named T060 in Cedar Falls, IA, the 2020 Shop of the Year based on total performance against 10 key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our Cedar Falls shop is led by Service Manager Trish Marx, who always strives to perform at the highest level and never lets difficult challenges slow her pace in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Challenged with high shop facility overheads, Trish has worked to secure additional outside sales and service, ultimately bringing down internal Ruan costs. Due to Marx’s management skills, this team continues to perform at the highest levels inside our maintenance group.

Throughout 2020, the shop had overall maintenance responsibility for 69 total assets. They were also required to meet specific KPIs, including Parts Compliance, Preventative Maintenance Currency, Inventory Controls, Breakdowns Per Unit, Retention of Employees, Warranty Recovery, and more. These key measurements ensure continued equipment reliability and service work to flow for all Ruan locations within the Cedar Falls shop’s area of influence, which includes Holstein, IA, Muscatine, IA, Burlington, IA, Des Moines, IA, Minneapolis, MN, and more.

Cedar Falls has a unique social environment that is highly competitive in technology and training with all employees sharing knowledge and growing together. Many of the technicians push ahead of conventional training timelines and continue to outpace existing boundaries. For this reason, our Ruan Fleet Services team relies on the Cedar Falls team for testing of new technologies and trial concepts, resulting in many of our current asset configurations used across Ruan today. This level of teamwork enabled Cedar Falls to rise to the top in KPI measures. On top of winning Shop of the Year, Cedar Falls was also injury free and won the new 2020 Training Award.

Congratulations to Trish and the entire Cedar Falls shop team! Thank you for all your hard work!