Delivering Loads of Love: Trucking Day at the Iowa Capitol

Feb 14, 2023

Several Ruan team members joined industry representatives from across the state on Valentine’s Day for the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s (IMTA) Trucking Day at the Capitol. Carriers and industry partners interacted with state legislators, showcasing the importance of transportation and logistics and highlighting key issues. Legislators had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of the IMTA’s truck driving simulator and even take a ride with some IMTA Driver Ambassadors.

“We’re here to bring awareness to what our industry does and all that it entails,” said Driver Ambassador Rich Eckhardt, a Ruan driver operating out of West Branch, IA. “If you think about everything around you, a truck brought it. When people get behind the wheel of the simulator, they’re surprised at how difficult driving a semi can be. We do that every day.”

Volunteers spoke to legislators about their employers, educated about the critical role transportation and logistics play in allowing each Iowan to enjoy their quality of life, and highlighted the industry’s commitment to safety through ongoing training and technology enhancements on equipment.

According to the IMTA, transportation employs one in 13 people in Iowa, including truck drivers, operations managers, safety leaders, dispatchers, logistics specialists, technicians, and support professionals. Almost 80 percent of Iowa communities are served exclusively by trucks, delivering the products needed every day.

"Events like Trucking Day at the Capitol are important because they put various faces on the trucking industry as a whole and show how vast it is. Trucking is not just the drivers and the trucks, but also the trainers, dispatchers, risk managers, and billing clerks," said Driver Training Specialist Sarah Winfrey, a volunteer at the event. "Showcasing our industry gives our elected officials the opportunity to learn and see first hand how their stances on transportation issues can impact all facets of the industry. It’s a way to remind people that without trucks, our world stops."

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